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NEW – Now 3 Options: Wireless, Batch or Labels only
Car and Truck Dealers, Garages and Tire Shops
For Canada and USA Snow Country
LogiStor – Entreposage et gestion de pneus


Dealers and Garage owners: Would you like your customers to return to see you at least twice per year? for Oil Changes? Brake servicing? Batteries? Exhaust Systems?

Storing more tires will help you increase your sales and profits! It’s easier to keep a customer than to find a new one – ask us how. Tire Storage Winter? Summer? – Do not turn away busine$$! For Garage and Service Center owners: we can help you make increase your sales and profits.

Storing Winter or Summer tires for your clients will result in a higher customer return rate.

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You can increase your business, bring in more tires which means bringing in more clients, which means more tire changes, more oil changes, more brakes to change, more mechanical work.

This system is of interest to Automobile and Truck Dealers and Bus service centres who change seasonal tires for clients. Suitable for any area north of North Carolina and California to the Arctic Circle including the USA and Canada!

Are you prepared to TURN AWAY BUSINESS because you don’t not have a system or enough storage facilities!

Have no space for tire storage? Let us know! We have a solution for you. Call 1-877-683-5065 FREE or CLICK HERE to e-mail us to ask for information